LipoDissolve Cosmetic Treatment

LipoDissolve is a safe and effective method of treating unwanted fat. LipoDissolve is a procedure where a combination of substances, including vitamins, enzymes and phosphatidylcholine, a natural substance derived from soy, is injected into fat pockets to initiate the melting away of fat deposits. Once the injections are completed a specialized machine utilizing suction/massage and ultrasound is applied to the areas to smooth the area and assist the injected substance in spreading throughout the area to insure uniform absorption.

Some benefits of LipoDissolve are:

  • Reduces stubborn baby fat
  • Brings back a more youthful contour
  • Assists in more comfortable fit with clothing
  • Reduces cellulite through Medsculpt™

Pioneered by doctors in South America and Europe more than ten years ago, LipoDissolve has quickly become the most patient-friendly procedure to permanently remove fat and help you attain that figure you desire.

LipoDissolve is a series of injections that begins to melt away fat in unwanted areas. The injected fat deposits are broken down and emulsified with the use of a suction/massage ultrasound machine. The byproducts are then naturally eliminated by the body.

LipoDissolve does not require surgery. The procedure is performed as a series of treatments in the office with the use of injected pain reliever to minimize discomfort following the treatments. Most patients do not require any time off from work and experience no downtime.

How do I know if LipoDissolve is right for me?

You may be a candidate for LipoDissolve if you have small areas of fat deposits that need reduction, or you are unable to undergo liposuction. During your consultation the physician will evaluate your condition and profile, and decide whether LipoDissolve is the right solution for you.

How effective is LipoDissolve?

Results may vary depending on the site that is treated. Most patients can expect a reduction of two to six centimeters or one to two inches of fat deposits per treatment.

Will the fat return after LipoDissolve treatment?

The fat will return if you gain more weight in the future. Follow-up observations of LipoDissolve have shown that the fat deposits often stay off quite well in the treated area even if some overall weight gain is experienced.

Can results become uneven?

Different injection techniques can be used for fat reduction. In procedures for fat reduction there have been no reports to date of unevenness in the injection areas. Often LipoDissolve has been used to correct uneven effects from other procedures, such as liposuction and lipoplasty. However, we use an additional treatment of suction/massage ultrasound that assists in evening out the solution to insure a smooth and even result.

Which part of the body can be treated with LipoDissolve?

LipoDissolve can be used to address fat deposits of the following areas:

  • Thighs
  • Hips
  • Double chin/neck
  • Fat of the cheeks and mid face
  • Fat deposits of the lower eye pads
  • Upper arms
  • Lower arms
  • Upper abdomen
  • Lower abdomen
  • Love handles
  • Fat deposits of the back
  • Knees and legs

Is LipoDissolve safe?

Yes, it is considered very safe. It is a mixture of naturally occurring substances that we eat every day. The mixture that is injected is primarily a combination of phosphatidylcholine also known as soy lecithin and B vitamins. Dietary supplements of phosphatidylcholine or lecithin are advocated for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

Thousand of treatments have been given and no serious adverse event has been reported.

What are the side effects?

Common side effects might include some light burning, bruising, swelling and aching in the area injected. Women should avoid treatment just before and during their menstrual period, as this may create a greater degree of discomfort and swelling. Cellulite treatment is generally more uncomfortable but this can be reduced with topical anesthetics or ice.

Do the injections hurt?

Most people experience mild discomfort from the injections. The needle is very small: the same size that is used to give an insulin injection. Some people report a mild soreness at the injection after the shots are given. This soreness can last up to a week. However, a pain reliever is included in the injection solution.

How long is the downtime or recovery?

Depending on the body area treated, patients often return to normal activity immediately after treatment. Patients having facial treatments for a double chin or facial fat may have extensive and unattractive swelling and may wish to stay off work for three to four days, although this is not necessary. The normal time for swelling to resolve is one week. Some minor swelling or soreness may persist longer.

How many treatments will I need?

This varies from patient to patient and body areas targeted. It is normal that results are seen in one to four sessions, although your case can differ.

How long does it take to work?

The treatments take about 30 minutes to perform. Initially there is some increased swelling for up to a week. It takes six to eight weeks for the full body sculpting effect to occur and the inflammatory process to be complete. Treatments are repeated every six weeks. If you address large body areas, such as the abdomen, and require several sessions, you may notice minimal results between the first and second session. Many smaller areas, like a double chin, often give satisfactory results two months after a single session.

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