Acne Treatments

Acne Treatment with advanced laser technology leads to a rapid and painless path to beautiful skin. Clear beautiful skin among people with acne is more than a wish. It is a path to self confidence and to feeling better with one-self. Now patients with acne can expect a higher standard of care than ever was possible. With significantly less energy required than conventional lasers and IPLs we now offer Syneron®'s and the elōs systems a safer and simply stated, more effective treatment than traditional acne laser treatments.

How Acne Laser elōs™ Treatment is so EFFECTIVE?

The combined energies of elōs™— natural photodynamic therapy (blue spectrum) with radio frequency (RF) — enable highly selective targeting of the sebaceous glands and acne bacteria. Pulsed Light together with RF energies reduce sebaceous gland activity while blue light simultaneously destroys active acne. This leads to enhance clearance of skin lesions and improved skin texture.

Scars removal can be accomplished with sub-ablative laser techniques. We also offer other standard medical treatments for active acne and for preventative recurrence of lesions.

Before & After: Acne Treatments

Before & After: Acne Treatments

Before & After: Intense Pulsed Light Laser Acne Treatment

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$99 For a Medically Supervised Acne Treatment

Professional acne treatment that incorporates the therapeutic effects of multi–fruit acids to exfoliate and the skin and include a dermatological clay mask to purge toxins and impurities while tightening pores and soothing irritated skin. These are effective and highly advanced corrective treatments that are the perfect remedy for moderate to severe acne problems.

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