Body Sculpting & Contouring Procedures

LipoDissolve Fat Reduction—An Alternative to Liposuction

When diet and exercise are not enough, many people seek clinical options to help them regain the body they desire. Non–invasive body contouring has become increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional surgical procedures such as liposuction.

Da Vinci Aesthetics provides non–invasive body sculpting or body contouring that may result in significant improvement to patient problem areas without the risk, down–time or discomfort of traditional surgical procedures. We offer a range of services in our center, making it safe, convenient, discreet and effective. We offer Lipotherapy and Fat Transfer.

Lipotherapy is one of the latest advances in non–surgical liposuction alternatives for removing and reducing excess fatty deposits. Lipotherapy is a simple, effective method for eliminating belly fat, "love handles", saddlebags and excess fatty tissue on other areas of the body including arms, legs, double chin, and almost any other place stubborn fat has become an issue. A mild medication, lipodissolve, is injected into areas with unwanted fat, causing the fat to dissolve. The fat is flushed from the body through the patient's urine. Many patients experience dramatic results after only a few sessions.

Scientific studies have demostrated that the active ingredient used in Lipotherapy, known as phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate (PCDC) dissolves fat from the areas where we least want it: around the abdomen, outer thighs, love handles, upper arms, jowls or under chin areas. It should be pointed out that Lipotherapy addresses the uneven distribution of fat rather than overall obesity. The injections used in Lipotherapy are marketed under many names—LipoZap, Lipo–Dissolve, and Lipomelt.

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