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Turn Back the Clock with Botox Treatments at the Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Centers of Houston

For those who want to erase the ravages of time and remove unwanted wrinkles, crow's feet, frown lines and furrows, try Botox. In Houston, you can get Botox treatments from licensed professionals at the Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Centers of Houston. We can apply this simple procedure to smooth out wrinkles around the eyes and forehead by decreasing muscle contractions that create these wrinkles. It is injected into certain muscles in the face and this results in a dramatic improvement in one's appearance. It can also help with abnormal muscle spasms and involuntary contractions common in conditions such as dystonia. We also provide laser hair removal in Houston. For more, call (713) 661-0700 or email

Featured Article:

Botox in Houston for Frown Lines and More

[Posted 11 Feb 2013 by Dr. Pappolla

Botulinum toxin is a substance scientists have known of for over a century and Botox in Houston uses this in the treatment of fine lines, crow's feet, and laugh lines.

Botox uses in the beginning were for cervical dystonia, and lazy eye. Since those early days, the FDA approved the use of Botox for smoothing frown lines on the forehead. Now it is used for lines caused by smiling and, of course, frowning. Physicians also use Botox for excessive sweating, migraine treatment, and the drug has just been approved for use on overactive bladders. Scientists are now studying Botox for the relief of arthritis pain.

Many people believe that a small amount of Botox injection actually paralyzes the muscles, but this is simply not true. However, injecting a large amount will cause muscle paralysis. Licensed physicians do injections for Botox in Houston, and they are familiar with the correct amount of Botox needed to relax the muscles with paralyzing them. Once the injections are given it may take anywhere from three to ten days for the results to show. Sometimes a physician will take photographs of the patient for before and after the procedure. This will help the patient remember what they looked like before the injections. It is important for patients to realize that Botox injections do not remove the lines on the face but rather relaxes them enough that they will not be as pronounced. In most patients, injections for Botox in Houston last three to four months and then the muscles gradually return to usual. Results can be different, depending on who is doing the procedure on the patient. The one advice that should be followed is to find a physician who is experienced at this procedure and has the best reputation. Botox makers recommend that a physician deliver the medication rather than a physician's assistant or a non-physician.

Customer service, comfort and a sense of well-being are important to all clients who are looking for a clinic or private practice to receive Botox injections. Before spending any money on a Botox injection, it is wise to do the homework to find a reputable physician. Ask friends, or co-workers, you can even look online for an experienced doctor.

There are other procedures that can be found when looking for a Botox procedure. Some people may want fillers such as Juvaderm or Restylane. Others may look for laser hair removal in Houston, as well. Laser hair removal techniques have gotten better over the years. New technology makes the procedure faster and less painful than the older methods of hair removal. In days past electrolysis was the only way to remove unwanted body hair. Laser removes the hair but cannot be said to be a permanent process. Electrolysis is the only FDA approved method that can be said to a permanent process.

The world has changed, and more and more people are turning to Botox injections to keep age at bay. Look for the best in Botox injections and erase the years, at least for 3 months at a time.

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